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Quality is our goal, and we deliver on time.


We have experience building large client / server applications supporting millions of rows of data, and a large number of users. Our typical approach to building these applications is to:

  • Analyze and document your business requirements

  • Build a data model to support the business

  • Develop a prototype to validate the model and user interface

  • Code the application

  • Support the QA and implementation process.


These applications are built to be scalable and provide separation of the user presentation, business logic and database access in a true multi-tier model. Our goal is to provide applications which are easy to use by providing a familiar interface similar to the Microsoft Office suite, thereby reducing learning time for operators. These applications are of high quality, rich functionality and are scalable.

Our Lists offer
  • Filters, to allow you to display only the records you are interested in.
  • Layouts, allow to design the display of the data
  • Export, all data in the view may be exported to Excel
  • Find / Sort functions to help you easily find the information you want
  • Customization options, you can dynamically change the fields available for filter processing, the columns to display in the list, and when the lists are refreshed to maximize performance
Our Detail Windows support
  • Security, by operator / function to protect your most sensitive data
  • Audit, to capture all changes made for reporting and inquiry purposes
  • Drop Down Lists, to support easier entry of data, and improve the quality
  • Printing, to allow users to print information
  • Validation, both local at the client to improve performance and to notify the user immediately of errors, and on the server to protect your business rules.
Custom Reporting Tools
  • Reduce your dependence on technical staff. Our unique custom reporting tools allows you to dynamically define views of information, from which users can build their own custom reports.
  • Features include filter, sort, group, totaling, column selection and print preview modes.
  • These reports can be saved, and scheduled to run on a regular basis.


We can build these applications on site or at our location. Either way we will work closely with your business users to understand the requirements, and keep them up to date with progress.
Contact us to see how we can help you make your business more efficient and profitable.
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