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What are these links?
These are just some links for my family and friends who live in England, but feel free to view them. I'm David Whiteside and I own BlueWater Computing, we live in New Jersey now but were originally from England.

Grandad - I'm too young to be a grandad. updated 7/4/2003

Pictures from 2003.

Pictures from 2002.

Steve & Clare's Wedding - Lake District, England. updated 10/25/2003

Misc. Photos - Various pictures including Snow & Judy's parents visit. updated 7/4/2003 Pictures from 2002.

Fishing Trips - My other relaxation, various fishing trips. updated 6/21/2003
Pictures from 2002.

Soccer - Yes mom, I'm still playing soccer.

2002 Vacation Fishing Photos - Talk about big fish, not to mention the bigger ones that got away 2002 vacation photo's.

Andrew's Prom - These are some pictures from my son's Prom Night.

My Balloon Ride - This years birthday present for the man who has everything, a balloon ride.

Richard's Graduation - These are some pictures from my son's recent graduation.

Cathryn's New York Visit - Our friends from England came to visit us last Christmas and I spent the Christmas Day helping Cathryn put together this page about Cathryn.

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